Executive Board
Nike Folayan (PhD, CEng, MIET) Chairperson, AFBE-UK

Nike Folayan is a chartered engineering consultant with a doctorate in electronics engineering (Antenna Design). Nike chairs the London Chapter of AFBE.

Nike has worked on a vast array of transportation projects in the UK and Africa providing telecommunication network designs that meet clients needs. As Chair, Nike represents the organisation on local, regional and national levels. Nike has been the project manager on various AFBE-UK’s projects and has participated and presented in seminars on diversity and inclusiveness.

Nike was featured in Britain’s 100 most influential people of African and Caribbean heritage 2012 Powerlist. She is a mentor at Croydon Supplementary Education Project and has won awards for her community involvement. In her spare time Nike enjoys reading, singing and salsa dancing.

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Ollie Folayan (PhD, CEng, FIChemE) Chairman, AFBE-UK Scotland

Ollie Folayan is an chartered process engineering consultant with a doctorate in the environmental effects of fuel combustion. He is also a fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Ollie leads the Scottish arm of AFBE-UK which set up stall in Aberdeen in November 2011.

Ollie has worked various projects to provide front end engineering design and detailed design in the power generation, refining , LNG production and offshore oil and gas industries.

At AFBE-UK, Ollie has helped to create a number of key initiatives currently implemented by AFBE-UK including Transition a program that aims to prepare university students for life as professionals. Ollie has also worked as a part-time private tutor of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics helping students from GCSE to A-level.

Ollie is an Arsenal supporter and an avid tennis fan. Other hobbies include reading and gospel singing.

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Reneth McKenzie-Schoetz (MPhil, MSc, BEng) Schools Outreach Programme Manager - AFBE-UK London

Reneth McKenzie-Schoetz is a Mechanical Design Engineer. She is the current schools programmes Manager for the AFBE Schools Outreach programmes.

Reneth assists in recruiting volunteers and liaising with professional organisations that may have BME professionals. She proactively markets events by making contact with prospective organisations, schools and colleges who wish to engage their young people in the world of engineering. Reneth is also responsible for quality control and planning to ensure projects are delivered to time and are of high quality.

In her spare time, Reneth enjoys running, yoga and tending her allotment where she grows fruits and vegetables.

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Ikram Hamud (BSc, GMICE) Making Engineering Hot Sub-group

Ikram Hamud is an Associate member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. She studied Civil Engineering (BSc) at the University of Derby and worked as a Hydraulic lab technician at the London College UCK. She is currently working for CH2m Jacobs on the largest construction project in Europe to protect the Tidal River Thames from pollution.

She has over 6 years’ experience supporting young girls in the community; offering them both educational and emotional advice. She has mentored these young women and provided them with a safe and inclusive environment; acting as a role model has been an incredibly fulfilling experience for her. She actively seeks extra-curricular endeavours. This includes volunteering on the Engineering Education Scheme, the London Youth Rowing Club and the Speaker Parliamentary Placement scheme.

Ikram strongly believes there needs to be more representation of BME females in engineering as this will encourage young women to develop a sense of belonging.

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Tolulope Osobu (MEng., AMIChemE, GradEI) Comms Manager - AFBE-UK London

Tolulope Osobu is an associate member of the IChemE (AMIChemE) and a member of the Energy Institute. She studied Chemical Engineering (MEng) at the University of Surrey , worked for Pall Corporation and is starting in new role at Johnson Matthey in 2018.

She has over 2 years’ experience as a technical sales engineer in the biopharmaceutical industries and has worked on a variety of filtration and separation projects in the UK and the Nordics.

She strongly shares the values and purpose of AFBE-UK.

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Abisola Ajani (BEng, MSc, AMIChemE) Transition Lead - AFBE-UK London

Abisola Ajani is currently studying for a PhD in Chemical, Process and Energy Process Engineering at London South Bank University in collaboration with University College London. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Chemical Process Engineering from University College London and First Class honours degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from London South Bank University.

She joined AFBE-UK as a student member in 2015. Since joining the organisation, she has been actively involved in planning and executing key events one of which was the first Transition event in London. Abisola is also a student representative of AFBE-UK.

According to Abisola, AFBE-UK is the perfect platform for Engineers of Black and Ethnic Minorities to come together to inspire each other and grow as a group in the UK’s engineering sector; as well as to motivate, mentor and build the future generations of engineers that needs role models that they can aspire to be in the future.

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Chihurumanya Felly-Njoku (BEng, MSc, MIET) Transition Support Officer - AFBE London

Chi Felly-Njoku graduated with a First Class Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Covenant University, Nigeria before moving to Aberdeen, Scotland where she obtained a Masters in Subsea Engineering from the University of Aberdeen. She currently works for Arup as a Graduate Electrical Engineer. She has 1.5 years’ experience in the Water industry as an electrical designer of clean and waste water assets.

She is a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and joined AFBE in 2015 as a student. She has been actively involved in organising Transition events held in Aberdeen and is excited to continue organising Transition events for the wider AFBE-UK network. She aligns with and supports AFBE’s commitment to promoting diversity in the Engineering and Technology sector (with a focus on increasing the number of involvement of BME women).

In her spare time, Chi enjoys reading and playing football for the Arup Cardiff Ladies Football Club.

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Damilola Fari-Arole (BEng, MSc, DIC, AMIChemE) Real Projects Coordinator - AFBE-UK London

Damilola Fari-Arole is a graduate of Chemical Engineering with a Masters degree from Imperial College London. Prior to this, she graduated with a first class honours degree from the University of Surrey. She has since joined Network Rail as a Graduate Engineer in Safety, Technical and Engineering, which encompasses railway asset management, engineering assurance, safety and sustainability.

As Real Projects Coordinator, Damilola helps to organise and host AFBE-UK’s Real Projects programme in London. She has previously assisted in planning a number of other AFBE programmes including the first Transition event at London South Bank University.

Passionate about promoting engineering, she believes AFBE-UK is making a concerted effort to promote and encourage ethnic diversity in the UK’s Engineering sector. She is also a committee member for the IChemE London and Southeast member group.

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Riad Mannan (BEng, MIET) External Relations Officer - AFBE-UK London

Riad graduated with a civil engineering degree from University of London before working for a major engineering consultancy on various projects in the UK. After 7 years, he switched careers to become an events professional organising conferences and training courses in the construction, power, and renewable energy sectors amongst others.

He has recently spent 10 years in Dubai working on various large scale events in the construction and oil and gas sectors. Returning to the UK in 2016, he now combines his passion for engineering and events, by working at the Institution of Engineering and Technology as the Events Portfolio Development Manager.

He is an ardent proponent of greater diversity in engineering with a keen interest in seeing more BME professionals in leadership positions.

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Adekola Lawal (PhD, CEng, MIChemE) Financial Officer

Adekola Lawal is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 10 years’ experience helping companies in the energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries innovate, troubleshoot and improve their processes. He has led diverse teams delivering these solutions in Europe, North America and Asia.

Adekola has a doctorate in Process Engineering from Cranfield University where he carried out research towards making deep cuts in carbon emissions from power generation. He has authored 20 journal publications on the topic. He also served a term as the first African President of the Cranfield Students Association.

Since he joined in 2017, Adekola has been inspired by the stories and achievements of the BME professionals and mentors he has met through AFBE-UK. He would like to see more diversity in mid to senior management level. In his spare time, Ade enjoys cycling, playing tennis and travel.

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Demi Ademuyewo (BEng, AMIMechE) Mentoring Lead- AFBE-UK London

Demi Ademuyewo studied mechanical engineering at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. She has worked in various industries such as in oil and gas, waste and currently, rail.

She actively volunteers as a STEM Ambassador, encouraging school children to enjoy science and maths.

She recognises and understands the value AFBE-UK adds to the engineering industry and wants to share that knowledge with all. In her free time, Demi enjoys outdoor walks, cooking and travelling.

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Rahman Mustapha (MEng, CEng MIET) Mentoring Sub-Group- AFBE-UK London

Rahman Mustapha is a chartered Engineer with a masters degree in electrical & electronic engineering. He has over 5 years experience in the railway industry as a Signalling Design Engineer, working on various major capital projects such as Night Tube and the Northern Line Extension.

Rahman is the Chair of Trustees for a local community charity called Options 4 Change, which aims to resolve problems in the community caused by inequality and exclusion. He also volunteers as a mentor to college students and apprentices, encouraging them to become aspiring engineers.

In 2012 Rahman was featured in Powerful Media’s Future Leaders Magazine as 100 of the UK’s Most outstanding students of African & Caribbean heritage.

Outside of work, Rahman has recently created a podcast that will provide a platform for young people to learn from ethnic minority professionals and their experiences in their workplace.

Rahman recognises the impact of AFBE-UK and thinks its wonderful to have an association that aims to encourage and support engineers from diverse backgrounds.

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Oluchi Duru (BEng., MSc, MIET) Mentoring Sub-Group- AFBE-UK London

Oluchi is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with a masters degree in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology. She has over 5 years experience in the railway industry as a Project Engineer, working on several high profile projects such as Victoria Line upgrade, Oslo Metro and the Elizabeth Line.

She is the Honorary secretary of the IET Young professionals committee London and volunteers as a STEM ambassador attending and organising events to encouraging young people into STEM subjects.

Oluchi is the co-chair of the EDI group on her current project, which aims to raise awareness on issues relating to equality diversity and inclusion which particular focus on the nine protected characteristics.

As an advocate for equity and equal opportunity, Oluchi believes communities like AFBE-UK are essential to promote and highlight the achievements and abilities of people like herself as well as serve as a yardstick for the younger ones because representation matters.

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Courtney Blythe (BEng) Bids and Grants - AFBE-UK London

Courtney has spent over 15 years as an Electrical Design Engineer, his portfolio of work has been quite varied with a mixture of small and large scale building projects.

He enjoys a healthy life style and regularly works-out in the gym. He would like to see developing countries investing in and training their country men to better their country’s roads, manufacture and delivery of food and water, and provide comfortable housing.

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Ina Colombo (PhD, CEng, MCIBSE, MInstR) Head of Research- AFBE-UK London

Ina Colombo is a chartered mechanical engineer with a doctorate in mechanical engineering. Ina currently works as a research fellow in sustainable refrigeration energy at London South Bank University (LSBU). She is the Deputy Director at the International Institute for Refrigeration (IIFR) in Paris.

As Head of Research and Engagement, Ina provides strategic advise on how to enhance the profile of the organisation and engage current and prospective members.

Ina is in charge of the dissemination of activities’ outcomes for publication purposes. In her spare time Ina enjoys travel, going to the gym and attending networking events.

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Maryam Adeleke (MEng, MICE) Media Manager

Maryam is a Structural Engineer and member of the ICE. She is a University of Warwick alumnus, where she graduated in 2015 with a 2:1 Master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

She joined Arup as a Structural Industrial Trainee in 2013, between her third and final year at university. She has also had past summer experience in structural design for London Underground. She returned to Arup after graduating and has since gained 3.5 years’ experience in structural design, working on a range of international projects including the Statue of Unity in India and a Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant in Russia. In recent years she has focussed on rail projects and is currently working on the redevelopment of Euston Station, during which she has developed a keen interest in station design.

Outside of work, Maryam has a passion for live music, the arts and community.

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